5 Common Regrets of Full-Time RVers

There’s a lot to love about RV living, but there’s no denying that some days our perfect lifestyle is not so perfect. When you leave behind the brick-and-mortar and ditch the routine 9 to 5, you’re welcoming not only a ton more exciting opportunities into your life but also plenty more unexpected hiccups. This makes preparing to become a full-time RVer complicated and it easy to make some decisions that you may letter regret.

To help you avoid making the same mistakes as other RVers, in this blog post, we look at 5 of their most common regrets.

1. Spending Money on Unnecessary Items

Preparing for full-time RVing deserves to be meticulously thought through. These days there is a ton of information available about how to best set yourself up to live like a king in your rig. But sometimes too much information is a bad thing which can lead you into the trap of thinking that you need every latest gadget and piece of equipment.

This is especially true when it comes to RV storage and organization. There is no end to the list of items that can be bought to help you organize every nook and cranny of your RV. The truth is, however, you’ll probably need some of it, but you definitely won’t need all of it.

Better to wait until you move in and then buy what you need as you learn about RV life. At Riverbound, you can try before you buy your RV lot and custom storage unit which is a great way to get a feel for full-time living before you make a commitment.

2. Not Learning to Competently Drive the RV

Many RVing couples will choose one designated driver. While your partner may be in his or her element at the wheel, there are bound to be times when the copilot will need to step in and take over. Whether it’s due to an accident, illness, or simply that Driver No. 1 is not around to move your trailer when it absolutely must be moved. Driver No. 2 must always be ready when need.

The best way to gain confidence in driving your RV is to take a course, ideally together so that you both have the fundamentals checked.

3. Not Feeling Part of a Community

There’s nothing more exciting than the call of adventure and exploration. It’s the main attraction of RV life. And you’ll probably assume that your friends and family feel the same way. You’ll talk of meeting up on the road, boondocking in the wild, and making memories together. But the reality is, it can be just too hard to make that happen, too hard to make two different lifestyles compatible all of the time.

Maybe that’s different for Riverbound residents. Not only are there fantastic facilities onsite that everyone will want to enjoy there is also so much to explore in the immediate surroundings and further afield in Arizona. Who wouldn’t want to come and visit?

But if it doesn’t work out, don’t worry, you will make plenty of new friends with whom you’ll have a lot in common, especially at Riverbound where community is at the heart of everything we do. At Riverbound, we will always make you feel at home.

4. Keeping Too Much Stuff in Storage

Again, one of the hardest phases of full-time RV living is transitioning to it. Not only do you need to buy your rig and kit it out, but you also need to choose which parts of your old life you can and cannot live without. A common regret RVers have is hanging on to too much of their old stuff. Not only do they end up paying excess storage fees, but it also means having another clear out at a later date.

A custom storage “Man Cave” may be just the space to help you transition from your brick-and-mortar home to your full-time RV home. Pool table? Bring it with you! Work tools? Plenty of space for those too!

5. Not Having A Base to Fall Back On

For those who can afford it, having a home and an RV can give you many more options and a greater sense of security. However, many RVers either choose or are obliged to go all in and commit 100% to full-time RVing.

Having no home or base to fall back on can be disruptive, daunting, and downright exhausting though. If you fall ill, need to have major repair work, or are simply tired of traveling and need a place to “just be,” for a while, having a base like Riverbound gives you options and stability when you need it most. Retirees and RVers with families especially appreciate the security and stability that Riverbound’s location (a five-minute drive from Lake Havasu City) and facilities (such as great wi-fi, onsite store, playground, pool and so much more) provide.

Is Riverbound the perfect RV park for you? To find out about all Riverbound has to offer, call us today on 928-770-5585.

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