A Guide to RVing for Fledgling Snowbirds

Retirement is around the corner and you’re feeling a yearn for adventure. Changing lifestyle is tough, but the snowbird way of life could be for you: pulling the RV out of storage or investing in a home on wheels, touring the road, wintering in sunnier climes, seeing new places and new faces. In this blog post, we share some of your snowbird options here: camping, RV safety, choosing an RV, storing your RV, and even managing your technology to keep in touch on the road. Don’t wait for adventure to find you. Go out and grab it!

Choosing Your RV

If you don’t already have your home-away-from home, whether a fifth wheel or full RV, there’s plenty of helpful information you can use to educate yourself before you head to the RV dealership. Start there before you decide on your motor home, especially if you plan to be a full-fledged snowbird.

The American Association of Retired People (AARP) provides an RV purchase guide to help you get started. Start with what you consider to be the ideal situation with lists of must-haves and want-to-haves as if you were buying a house. Because you are!

Having a general idea of where you may want to go will help you decide on size, type of fuel, hookups, and what to expect with maintenance. Most snowbirds move from the chilly north to the balmy south, but that is hardly a requirement. Put some real thought into where and when you want to go, and for how long. This will guide your choices.

Safety, Security, and Organization

Once you have your ideal RV in mind, now comes the moment to think about the extra amenities or considerations other travelers may not need to take into account.

Snowbirds and full-time retirees may want to make some alterations such as handrails, nonskid steps, or no interior floor level changes to guarantee a smooth trip. Safety is a concern for every RVer, but it should be one of the prime considerations for snowbirds. Paperwork requirements, prescription availability, on-the-way healthcare, roadside assistance, and keeping connected with technology are important elements for any RVer.

Single snowbirds do just as much traveling and will enjoy a level of independence that can’t be beat. You will meet people at every campsite and changing your itinerary at the drop of a hat can provide amazing sights and experiences.

Where to Go and Where to Stop

Before you hit the road, make sure you have marked out your route on a map. Of course, prepare to change it as you discover fascinating, unlisted possibilities on the road. RVing is a popular activity and literally hundreds of campgrounds, resorts, and clubs abound.

Campgrounds come in all varieties, from primitive to full-service. Extended stay situation is available for when you need a break from all the excitement of discovery. State parks usually limit extended stays to 14 days for a small fee. The Senior National Park Pass is a lifetime park pass for $80 (age 62 up), which also reduces camping fees by half.

Always be sure you check the length restrictions ahead of arrival, especially if visiting parks (45 feet). Length and weight restrictions are governed by state regulations, not the National Park Service.

Campgrounds for Snowbirds

Of course, any campground or park works, but some are especially set up for retired travelers. Good Sam is an especially good resource to find the best RV sites for snowbirds.

Stay in Touch

Having a reliable technology plan will keep you in touch with family and friends. Your mobile devices are a significant aspect of safety, not to mention providing you the ability to make reservations, check road and weather conditions, or making last-minute changes to your route. RV parks with their own dedicated wi-fi tower like Riverbound provide peace of mind when it comes to supplying reliable internet coverage. When you’re on the road, or in more remote places, check out the Mobile Internet Resource Center for extremely useful information about equipment, coverage maps, data plans, and more.

A Vacation from All that Vacation

When you need to seriously kick-back in the southwest, head up the road to Lake Havasu City in Arizona. Riverbound Custom Storage and RV Park is a unique facility that covers all the options for taking a break. It’s your home away from home when the wheels need a rest. House your RV in a climate controlled unit, swim in the pool, host your family visitors with amenities such as a playground for the kids and exercise park for the dog. When you’re tired of the road, come home to Riverbound.

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