What Is Stationary RV Living?

We tend to think the best—well, almost the best—thing about RVs is their mobility:  getting to move to the next big adventure, try out an entirely new place, meet new people, surf in California and ski in Idaho, bask in the sun on a Florida beach to escape the snow. Yet…think about why you started […]

There’s Nothing Like an RV Rally

Whether you are a veteran RVer or new to the RV lifestyle, an RV rally provides… well, just about whatever you need. Rallies are plentiful and widespread and cover all themes, purposes, for every RVer imaginable. Looking for a new RV, or for your first? Check out a rally to help you decide. A rally […]

How to live and travel safely in your RV

RV living and RV travel is no less safe or no more disaster prone than living in a bricks-and-mortar home, but there are a few things to know. Whether in a long-term park or boondocking in the middle of nowhere, safety is paramount. If nothing else—and that’s not said lightly—COVID has brought safety to the […]

How to make more space in your RV

Where Does It All Go? Nope, not talking about time! Life in an RV—whether full-time or just part of the year—opens up an entirely new way of living. Freedom is paramount. And so is efficiency. When you start planning your storage- the E-word raises its ugly—E. And a long trip—or full-time RV living—requires some ingenuity […]

Why You Should Join an RV Association

RV Association

It is not news that along with all the high points RVers experience, such as amazing adventures, new places, cool adventures, and incredible feelings of freedom, RVing might also have some social downsides. RV clubs and associations can go a long way toward offsetting those occasional valleys. Associations come in all stripes: some have very […]

How to Research Buying an RV: 6 Tips

So, you want to buy an RV? Welcome to the club! Since the pandemic, demand for RVs has skyrocketed, and driven up prices by as much as a whopping 23% in 2021 versus 2010, making shopping around for an RV more important than ever. But do not despair. Finding an ideal RV in your budget […]

Preparing your RV for Summer in Lake Havasu.

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner and in Lake Havasu, the summers can be, well, hot! Right now, in late February, the temperature is perfect, just touching on 80° Fahrenheit. Come summer, don’t be surprised to see the mercury nudge past 100°. If you’re planning on spending summer at Riverbound, you’ll […]

Lake Havasu March Events RVers Will Love

As the saying goes “fun flows naturally” in Lake Havasu. For years, Lake Havasu has been a haven for fun-lovers of all ages and a favorite for RVers. Whether it’s boating, sailing, fishing; off-roading, hiking, stargazing, or just kicking back to some live music while taking in another spectacular sunset, there is literally never a […]

How DO You Work From an RV?

With 42% of employees now working remotely, RV and travel trailer builders are meeting new demands by including workspaces in their designs. According to Business Insider, 30-40% of inquiries to Leisure Travel Vans are now are about mobile office capabilities. Lists of contract and seasonal jobs are everywhere. But let’s talk about taking your profession […]

5 Common Regrets of Full-Time RVers

There’s a lot to love about RV living, but there’s no denying that some days our perfect lifestyle is not so perfect. When you leave behind the brick-and-mortar and ditch the routine 9 to 5, you’re welcoming not only a ton more exciting opportunities into your life but also plenty more unexpected hiccups. This makes […]