Why will telephone advertising work? Everyone uses the internet these days? Will email blasts work better? Can we link up with moving companies or boat/jet ski companies/RV companies to get their customers access?

We will be advertising with TV Commercials, by Telephone, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, Online
Search Engines, Direct Mail, Boat and RV conventions, in town restaurants and bars, moving
companies, boat and off-road vehicle dealers, mechanics, fuel stations, and Billboard.

Why will storage customers want to put their high-end vehicles, skis, boat, etc... in heat levels well above 100 degrees for the better part of the year?

Resident’s and vacationers do not have a storage alternative, unless, towing back and forth is
within their traveling budget, and that gets costly and timely hints extremely high demand in Lake
Havasu City. At Warrior Custom Storage, we make the decision a “no-brainer” not only because of
our convenient location, spacious storage site, friendly staff, customers can also rent with the
option to insulate and cool their unit for an added fee.

Why will customers want to pay almost 4 times more compared to in town facilities if we charge as much as a thousand a unit, for a facility miles away?

Based on current market conditions, demand for storage availability significantly outweighs the
supply. We can also capitalize on the fact that no other facility in the region offers the best of both
worlds; spacious Storage plus RV Space. Plus, folks are paying close to 4 times what it cost them
to store their RV elsewhere, but to be able to store their RV, boat, jet skis and ATV’s in a
consolidated fashion, they are paying probably about the same in multiple storage locations
already but with us we offer a lot more room, more security, and flexibility along with the freedom to ride moto bikes or vehicles right outside our back gate.

Why will customers want to store their stuff so far away for that much higher price when there are new facilities much closer to the lake being planned/constructed?

Warrior Custom Storage & RV is only 10 Miles from one of the most concentrated launch ramps in
Lake Havasu City; Windsor Beach Launch Ramp. Unlike any other facility in town, we will offer a
transportation service to our customers for an added fee. This service can include fueling, detailing,
and even drop-off/pick-up at the customers instructions. Also, depends on what they want to store.
Please don’t forget, customers will have ability to add more storage on their land parcel for more
conventional storage items such as furniture, mowers, boxes, cars, etc.


If you have more questions, please call 877-917-0412