How DO You Work From an RV?

With 42% of employees now working remotely, RV and travel trailer builders are meeting new demands by including workspaces in their designs. According to Business Insider, 30-40% of inquiries to Leisure Travel Vans are now are about mobile office capabilities.

Lists of contract and seasonal jobs are everywhere. But let’s talk about taking your profession on the road with you. How do you ensure good Internet access? How do you manage work space in your RV, especially if you have a family? Are some locations better than others for your work requirements? RVing and work can absolutely go together with some planning ahead.

Keeping in Touch with the Office

Let’s start with the essential Internet connections. Don’t forget that 11 million people have moved to full-time living in their RVs, and the majority are not retired. Business is a balancing act at any location, but in an RV from different places, the balance often tilts according to your location and equipment.

While you’re at Riverbound, you’ll have access to some of the best Internet connectivity any RV park has to offer. Each lot has a minimum of 30mbps which for a small upcharge can be increased to 50 or more mbps. Riverbound is also pre-constructed for fiber-optic connectivity!

For when you’re not at Riverbound, make sure you have backup plans, such as two ways to get online–even two cell service plans. A fantastic resource to help you get organized with your connectivity is the Mobile Internet Resource Center.

Coverage maps will help you plan travel according to your work priorities. With some upfront planning with your employer or client, you may not need to be available online all the time and will still be able to go ahead with that wilderness stopover.

However, it’s still wise to have a realistic contingency plan set up with your employer to avoid any surprises on the road. With so many people working from home, employers may already have some contingencies in place, but understanding that you are mobile could be valuable.

Some DOs of Taking Your Profession on the Road

Do set realistic travel/work expectations. Knowing which priority for which day and place empowers your planning.

Do incorporate flex time into your schedule to accommodate unexpected changes and events.

Do plan ahead for Internet connections and bandwidths. Many RV parks use the same wi-fi that internet cafes use, and security is not the watchword here. You can offset that with a virtual private network or a wi-fi booster. Verify the wi-fi speed with your next RV park before you reserve a space!

Do address your insurance needs, both for health and vehicle coverage. Travel insurance could be part of that picture.

Do a practice or “shakedown” trip before you commit fully to working on the road.

Do engage a tax attorney or expert at the outset so you will know exactly what kinds of tax deductions are permitted for a mobile office. RV+business+tax deductions need guidance from an expert.

About that RV Workspace…

Some RV workers modify their office space themselves (or have it done as RVs are built for portability) and some simply make use of the existing configurations with equipment or furnishing additions. How much time you have to prepare for the situation might decide for you. Standing desks, additional monitors, comfy chairs, and movable tables can all be added. Storage space for office supplies or larger surfaces for artistic projects can be accommodated.

Several RV manufacturers are focusing on office set-ups. Technology can help overcome tight working conditions: noise-canceling headphones, wireless keyboards, ergonomic aids of all kinds are worth looking at.

With a family involved, schedule clear work/play/travel times for the entire family. While the kids study, mom and dad can work, while still being available to answer questions. For those online meetings, involving the kids in the schedule will help them feel they are contributing to the family well-being.

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Riverbound Ticks All The Boxes for Remote-Working RVers

Heading to Lake Havasu City might be one of the best things for your work life. Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park checks all the boxes for your work-from-the-road needs: fast, consistent Wi-Fi, playgrounds and sports fields to keep the kids busy, a laundry, and, best of all, a man cave/ she shack, uh, … your office. Stay here when you need to be part of something big at work, a conference or meeting where a coworking space or internet cafe might not provide you the privacy you need. Or better still, become a permanent member of the Riverbound community. For your home-come-office away from home, Riverbound is at 3493 E. Heights Blvd Lake Havasu City, AZ, 86404

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