How to make more space in your RV

Where Does It All Go?

Nope, not talking about time! Life in an RV—whether full-time or just part of the year—opens up an entirely new way of living. Freedom is paramount. And so is efficiency. When you start planning your storage- the E-word raises its ugly—E. And a long trip—or full-time RV living—requires some ingenuity and planning. You just don’t have the same amount of space to store supplies. The fridge is smaller, and there isn’t a freezer out in the rec room or garage.

Cupboards and Pantries and Drawers—Oh, My!

Some RVers have outfitted their RVs with new storage options, even replacing or adding to cabinets and shelves. Considering that, you could look at how sailboat interiors are designed, and chances are RVs will have similarities with less restrictions. After all, RVers can set up a hibachi or grill and cook outside without getting dumped overboard.

Storage and closet specialty stores have amazing container systems that flex to all kinds of situations. Even the big box and warehouse stores have a range of see-through containers that will simplify RV storage. But we have gathered some ideas to help organize that RV. Some give new uses to familiar objects. For example, organize your spices in a bead storage holder with lidded plastic or prescription medicine containers.

Think:  Collapsible!

Storage systems for closets often include canvas hanging shelves or boxes that will fold almost flat. Even if you can’t think where you might use it, you will when on the road, and having a couple available can make life easier on the spot. For baking—and more—consider cost-effective silicone bakeware and even ice cube trays. Silicone pans can be folded, stacked, and squished into small spaces; muffin cups are great for muffins or while using small objects that can be easily lost—screws, for example.

And silicone dish scrubbers have so many uses that you’ll need more than one. If you travel with a pet, dedicate one to removing pet hair and dust from any surface.

In this category are also mesh pockets and bags that can hang or be Velcroed where needed. In fact, Velcro also comes in heavy-duty strengths that handle up to ten pounds.

Think:  What’s Above You? A Cargo Net!

You can make use of all that ceiling, no matter what size RV or trailer you have. Maritimers use cargo nets that attach to the ceiling or wall for extra storage. These come in many sizes and were originally designed for sailboats, pickup truck beds, and car trunks. Some attach at the ends and have dividers. Prices are exceedingly reasonable.

Hammock-style nets can go up or come down as needed. They are useful for holding onions and potatoes in the kitchen, magazines, remotes, decks of cards, those silicon dish scrubbers….

Bungee cords fall into the same group. Criss-crossed bungee cords will prevent paper from flapping in the wind, handtowels from living on the floor, even limiting shifting inside a cabinet. For an open shelf, a spring-loaded curtain rod can keep what’s on the shelf on the shelf. It’s easy to find these in variable lengths and strengths.

Think:  Et cetera!

In this catch-all section are some useful items meant for a different purpose. Accordion-style magazine organizers are great for plates and shallow bowls, or for aluminum foil and cling film, tools, plastic bags, maybe even books. Anchor them to a shelf or inside a cupboard upright or on their side.

One RV essential:  non-slip cupboard liners. These cushion and hold secure at the same time. Use some under a slipping chair cushion, between breakable glass, around the wine bottles, between your sharp knives (or get ceramic knives that have their own protective sheath), or wherever you want things to stay in place.

For the closet, “cascading” hangers are for creating vertical space for multiple clothes hangers. And shower caddies aren’t just for the shower anymore.

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Think:  A Break

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