Live Your Best RV Life With a Man Cave

Enjoying your RV for travel and new experiences is a way of life with so many positive benefits that we don’t often think about parking in one place for a while. The fact of the matter is that parking is an important aspect of RV life. Riverbound Custom Storage and RV Park can make that restorative break a real – well, vacation. A man cave makes that vacation a real home around your home on wheels.

Let’s talk about that man cave. Riverbound’s unique offering allows you to seriously design your space as no other RV park permits. We mean, NO other park. Period. You can run wild with your man cave. What’s that? you ask.

Next to your covered 20’ x 50’ RV parking pad is a 20’ x 50’ enclosed space on a 5” concrete pad with an insulated, automated overhead door and insulated (R-19) walls. This is your man cave. Now you have storage space for a boat, ATV, and any other toys you want undercover. But even better, you can turn it into a secure storage space and/or game room, bar, living room/theater with an extensive list of options. Such as?

We’re glad you asked. Riverbound has created an impressive menu of options. For additional security, you can add wi-fi cameras. Choose the color of an epoxy coating on the floor. Add walls and Bluetooth speakers for getting the sound where you want it. You know, the sound for the big, flat-screen television so you can watch the game while playing pool on the table you selected.

Now, for the coolest options:  a mezzanine and window to maximize the space above the floor. Place custom cabinets and a couch and a bar with stools for that living room space.  Now we’re talking! Grab something cold from the refrigerator (no, not the one in the RV), dial up a movie, and let the kids go. Add a grill outside and you are seriously set up.

Cool the space down with a 3-ton minisplit HVAC and up to two ceiling fans as needed. Choose only the items from the menu that work for your needs. Take off for a couple of weeks or months in that wonderful RV, and then come back to your man cave away from – ok, next to – your home.

Now you know what’s possible, you can get designing your own man cave with our Man Cave Builder. Check it out!

The Riverbound park is really a resort, with its pool and spa, sports courts, and convenience store. The pool area includes a pool house with lockers and showers. The dog can romp in an exercise area and the kids can romp on the playground. Practice your swing on the golf driving range.

Oh, yeah, and that RV? Have it detailed and fueled, and check that odd sound with the mobile mechanic. Or use the pull-through wash station yourself. (P.S.:  These all apply to your boat as well.) Add a car lift to the man cave and do your own oil change, or whatever.

Outside you’ll have trash pick-up, sewer and water connections, broadband wi-fi, and space to park the tow car. ATV. Dune buggy. Boat. Or all of the above.

Oh, wait! Maybe you don’t need a playroom. Maybe you need an office! Man caves aren’t only for fun. These rooms are big enough to cover both. Remote working at Riverbound checks all the boxes with amazing recreational opportunities right outside your door. Literally.

If you’re still not sure, make use of the try before you buy option. Talk to the residents. Talk to the knowledgeable staff. Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park offers more than you have even thought of. But find this out for yourself. Lake Havasu City, AZ, is nearby and presents its own slate of fun and entertainment and shopping. It’s a win-win for all RVers!

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