New generation of RV offices and parks help RVers bring in the money


New generation of RV offices and parks help RVers bring in the money

Opportunities to earn a living from your RV have never been better. The pandemic has accelerated the transition from office-based work to remote work – great news for RVers. RV manufacturers and parks are also picking up on this trend, providing office set-ups and park facilities that making it easier than ever to increase your earning potential while living the dream.

The list of jobs for RVers is growing

Time was that RVers would have to rely mainly on picking up work on the road to top up funds. Workamping is still a great way to make money and to get to know the local community but there is now a myriad of new and traditional jobs that can be done from an RV office. Just a handful of examples include:

  1. Copywriter: writing can be done from any place with an internet connection and thanks to websites like, it is also much easier to find work.
  2. Virtual Assistants: you may think that it’s only the wealthy or big companies that hire assistants but in fact, many small businesses that cannot afford to put people on the payroll are paying VAs to help them out. Tasks vary from arranging meetings, bookkeeping, emailing and, many more.
  3. E-Commerce Business: e-commerce is growing 23% year-on-year with 2020 being a bumper year for sales in food and beverage, health, personal care and beauty. There are many different e-commerce models and platforms so it’s important to take the time to select which is best for your business. But once you’re set up, you could be earning a pretty penny every month.
  4. Teacher / Tutor: for years, full-time RVers have enjoyed teaching while traveling. Now that classes can be given via video conference, teachers can grow their base of students and enjoy teaching them from wherever they are.
  5. Programmers / Developers: if you’re experienced or just starting out, these skills also transfer nicely to remote working, giving you the flexibility to pick up jobs that suit the hours you want to work.

The secrets of a great RV office

With the job taken care of, all you need now is a great workspace conducive to maximizing your productivity so you can maximize your outdoor fun. So, what are the must-haves in a great RV office?

That is the question that Airstream asked their customers when gathering input into the design of the new Cloud 30FB Office. Their responses can clearly be seen in the features:

  • a workspace furnished with sound-deadening materials and blackout curtains so you can make calls in privacy and work undistracted,
  • a wide desk and USB ports-a-plenty to keep your devices on-hand and fully charged,
  • sliding doors and storage making setting up and packing away quick and hassle-free,
  • a comfy, supportive swivel chair that can be easily stored and secured when not needed,
  • inspirational views to remind you of the fantastic lifestyle you’re working to fund.

Nissan is another manufacturer answering the call of RV workers with their NV350 office pod concept. Nissan took the heart of RV life – nature – and fully incorporated it into its design, creating a workstation space that not only has a see-through floor but that is fully retractable and can fit either snuggly inside or the van or extend out beyond its back doors, literally letting you surround yourself with nature as you work.

Smart Parks make remote working even easier

The role of the RV-Park in supporting remote workers is also changing. Riverbound’s vision has always been to help RVers fully realize all of the benefits that come with RV living. At its core, that means going beyond the traditional park services to becoming a Smart Park that provides access to the most modern facilities, such as reliable Wi-Fi and fully customizable “man caves”, and giving their community members total control over how much or little they work.

The “work-from-anywhere” trend is set to continue

These are just a handful of pioneers designing vehicles and parks that give RVers the freedom to balance work and play any way they choose. With over half of all RV sales in the US made to under 45s, and with total sales in 2021 set to surpass half a million units, it must be only a question of time before others follow their lead.

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