New Smart Park makes bad RV Wi-Fi connection a thing of the past

Work and personal life are increasingly taking place online. Full-time RVer’s who work remotely or have school-aged children need reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi connection more than ever before. Moreover, they want to enjoy the best of both worlds by having access to both stunning natural locations and modern-day amenities such as movie-streaming and video gaming. Riverbound’s new “Smart Park” concept gives its community of RVer’s access to high-speed internet connection via its dedicated Wi-Fi tower.

Pandemic sparks a boom in RV living

2020 opened a new chapter for the RV community as the pandemic moved more people than ever to look for new ways to enjoy a sense of freedom. According to RVIA, 2020 sales skyrocketed by over 43% vs. 2019 surpassing 430,000 units and are forecast to break the 500,000 mark in 2021.

The desire to travel has been a big motivation behind the attraction of RV living but so too has been the shift in how we experience the world – from physically to digitally. The internet has meant that many traditional businesses have moved online, with workers now meeting over video conference instead of in the office and many kids taught online, not in school.

Shift to online working and studying makes full-time RV living viable

For RV-owners or wannabe-owners, the now-mainstream nature of remote working and studying makes full-time RV living less of a pipedream and much more of a viable reality. However, it depends on one crucial element – a reliable internet connection.

Why reliable internet is crucial for successful RV-living

Even with the freedom to soak up the Great Outdoors for as long and as often as you want, having a good internet connection is still crucial to live to the fullest:

  • for work: for remote workers unfortunately escape from the city doesn’t mean escape from commitments and it will be even more important to meet deadlines and show up on time on conference calls to reassure your clients and colleagues that out of sight does not mean out of mind,
  • for school: depending on how you’re schooling your kids, it may still be important for them to attend online class and deliver assignments on time,
  • for connection: the great thing about hitting the road is sharing your adventures with friends and family by video calls, social media and messaging apps,
  • for relaxation: even after a day on the lake or on the trails, there will still be times when you want to kick back with a beer or wine and stream a movie or a live tv show,
  • for gaming: according to techjury, 60% of Americans play video games daily. With a great Wi-Fi connection, you can enjoy nature without sacrificing your high score ranking and stay in touch with your gaming buddies.

Why is good RV-park Wi-Fi so rare?

RV Wi-Fi connection has long been a headache for owners. There is an array of solutions on the market to help you achieve the best possible setup for your RV from mobile hotspots, signal boosters and satellite internet. But what if RV-parks had you covered for this one – you know, really covered?

Providing reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi is a challenge for a lot of parks. But why is that?

  1. The remoteness of a location means that parks and campsites are more susceptible to weak antenna signals,
  2. trees and other natural or manmade on-site features can block the line of sight from the transmitter to the router. 
  3. the RVs themselves act as a natural shield thanks to the materials that they’re built from.

These obstacles make it very difficult for parks to supply Wi-Fi that anywhere near matches the quality people are used to having at home.

Riverbound provides high speed Wi-Fi connection.

Riverbound believes that RV-living shouldn’t mean having to make any sacrifices to the quality of your home life. This is the driving ethos behind Riverbound’s commitment to becoming one of the US’ first Smart Parks, providing state-of-the-art facilities that give RVers the absolute best in both modern-day living and spectacular natural surroundings. 

High-speed Wi-Fi is an obvious necessity. That’s why Riverbound has partnered with WireFree Communications in launching its own dedicated Wi-Fi service tower (with their own access point and microwave IP transport) that currently delivers a low-latency symmetrical connection of up to 30mbps to each RV Park Building. Moreover, this will be expanded in the near future thanks to the underground and aerial improvements that have already been completed to make each building ready for fiber-optic connectivity.

This is currently an unrivaled amenity for RV Parks in Lake Havasu and is also great for the Riverbound community members who can enjoy their own secure router and peace of mind of knowing that they can seamlessly continue to connect, watch, game, learn or work any time they like.

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