Preparing your RV for Summer in Lake Havasu.

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner and in Lake Havasu, the summers can be, well, hot! Right now, in late February, the temperature is perfect, just touching on 80° Fahrenheit. Come summer, don’t be surprised to see the mercury nudge past 100°. If you’re planning on spending summer at Riverbound, you’ll find there are a ton of ways to keep yourselves and your RV cool. But, if you’re planning on heading out on the road to visit the sights in Arizona, you’ll need to take extra precautions. 

Caring for your RV all year round is paramount to keeping you and your vehicle safe. You also want to make sure that the condition of your RV does not needlessly deteriorate due to the weather. In this blog post, we share some tips that will help protect you and your RV during the summer months.

1. Clean your van, especially the roof

RV’s are made for adventure which means they are constantly exposed to the elements. Even if you’re only traveling a couple of times a year, keeping your RV clean is the best way to protect it from deterioration.

The roof is the most exposed part or your RV and usually the dirtiest. Starting to clean from the roof down will mean you wash all the dirty roof water away without ruining any of the cleaning you’ve done down below.

To add an extra layer of protection, use an RV wax on the roof and body of your RV. There are many great waxes on the market, but a particularly good wax that offers built-in UV protection is 303 Aerospace Protectant. It also helps prevent fading and cracking and restores lost color. 

Cleaning Your RV: The Basics Every Owner Needs to Know

2. Head bad odor problems off at the pass.

High heat causes higher rates of evaporation, especially in your holding tanks. Ain’t nobody got time for bad smells in their RV so it’s important to get on top of this problem before it starts.

Using more water in your tanks will help the tanks cool down and create a natural odor barrier. You can also use a bacteria and enzyme tank treatment which helps break down waste without releasing odors. 

Dumping more often is also key. At worst, cover the ventilation vents to stop odors entirely.
This issue generally starts if temperatures go beyond 95° so it’s handy to have an outdoor RV thermometer to know when this problem could arise.


3. Buy a humidifier

It’s true that too much humidity in an RV is a bad thing; you don’t want an onset of mold or mildew that could destroy structural elements in your van. However, in dry desert conditions, it’s important for your health to keep the right amount of moisture in the air.

A humidistat is a good investment that will tell you the moisture level. Ideally, you want it to be between 25% and 40%.

There is a range of humidifiers that will fit your RV from small portable USB humidifiers for small spaces to larger 1-gallon tank humidifiers that cover spaces of up to 500 sqft.

4. Cover your tires

Tires are certainly an investment you want to protect. Not only are they paramount for road safety, but they also cost more than a pretty penny to replace.

Protecting your tires when you’re not driving will keep them from cracking and stop rust and dirt from collecting in the rims.

Most tire covers come in a range of prices and also colors to coordinate with your RV. They are definitely worth the investment. 


5. Invest in a cordless vacuum

Moving inside the rig, a great addition to any RV wherever you are is a cordless vacuum cleaner. It’ll get dust and dirt out of all the nooks and crannies and store comfortably away without taking up space.

Another simple addition is an RV rug to get rid of the dust on your shoes and feet before entering the van.

6. Install window shades.

It seems like a shame to block out the views from your RV, but you’ll be thankful for the relief when the sun is beating through your windows and there is no escape. Your upholstery will also thank you for it.

There are many different window treatments to choose from, from tinted windows, curtains, blackout blinds and shades. A good reflective window cover is also a must; there’s nothing worse than trying to grip a blazing wheel when it’s time to head out for a drive.

7. Regular checks and maintenance

Our final tip is to ensure that you always schedule regular maintenance checks. RVing in Arizona is a truly awesome experience but only when it’s done safely. Heat and sun can cause any array of damage, often out of sight, so be sure to get your RV thoroughly checked at least every six months of before going on a long journey.

Stay chilled at Riverbound

While it’s hot in the sun, long summer stays at Riverbound offer you fantastic ways to stay cool and relaxed. Each storage unit comes with a man-cave that can be furnished with climate-control features and a lean-to so you can park your RV in the shade. There is also one (soon to be two) pools at Riverbound, and of course, we are just minutes away from Lake Havasu; the perfect place to refresh yourselves from the heat. These are just some of the amenities at Riverbound, the Western US’s first RV Smart Park. Call us for more details today.


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