Is Riverbound the Perfect RV Park for Retirees?

Retirement. It’s what most of us have been looking forward to since our 40s. Ok, maybe our 20s. But now that it’s just up ahead of us, we find it’s an exciting, yet daunting prospect. The dream is freedom. Freedom to do what we want with our time, to explore, to pursue our passions. For many, RVing perfectly encapsulates that dream. With wheels, the road can take you anywhere. And with RV Parks, you also have the chance to lay down roots, however temporarily, to ground yourself again and reintroduce some of that stability you were used to for so long.

In this blog post, we talk about why Riverbound could be the perfect base from which to launch your new retirement adventure. Riverbound is an RV Park like no other, defined by duality: freedom and stability, city and country, desert and water, adventure and home.

Let’s take a look at what we mean.

Freedom and Stability

From the get-go, the vision for Riverbound was to create a completely new RV Park category, one centered around building a community of members with the freedom to come and go but always with a base to belong to.

At Riverbound, the base isn’t just the park and its wide range of on-site amenities. What makes Riverbound truly unique are the fully customizable units or “man caves” that stand alongside each RV lean-to. These are your units to put your own personal stamp on. Whatever you want your unit to be; workshop, sports bar, office space, chillout zone – we can make it happen.

Extend your living space

For those who fear that full-time RVing will be too much of a wrench from stability, the perfect conversion for your man cave is to create additional living quarters. Imagine jumping out of bed in your RV in the morning and heading into your space – gym equipment awaits you in one corner, your office set up in another, couch, tv, and a fridge full of beers all set up so you can enjoy the game that evening. And… there’s still room to park your jetski.

Or instead of the game, you feel like streaming a movie. That’s no problem thanks to the dedicated on-site Wi-Fi tower. At Riverbound, we make sure RV Park living doesn’t mean sacrificing modern conveniences. So go ahead – stream as much as you like.

The Best of Country and City Living

Riverbound’s location is specifically selected to give residents the best of country and city living.

Conveniently situated a 15 minute drive from Lake Havasu City, you’re close to “civilization” with easy access to medical centers, commercial businesses and the wealth of events that regularly take place in the city. For golf-lovers, the city boasts The Lake Havasu Golf Club, with stunning views of the lake as you tee off from any of its 36 holes.

After a day of golfing, hiking, or fishing, there’s still plenty of opportunity to take in a live band, catch a play at the theatre or to head to a local restaurant, bar or microbrewery.

Desert and Water

Back at base, the tranquil natural surroundings are yours to explore, or just sit back and enjoy. The desert is on your doorstep and teems with hiking, cycling and off-road routes perfect for ATVs and RZRs. You can quickly find yourself in the foothills or higher in the Mohave Mountains. Head west, and you’ll find Lake Havasu waiting to be enjoyed by boat, kayak, jetski, waterski, or by swimmers and fishing enthusiasts. At 45 miles long, there’s The Best of Country and City Livingmore than enough water for everyone.

Adventure and Home

As much as you enjoy living at Riverbound, RVing is still about fulfilling your dreams to travel and explore. Riverbound makes a fantastic place from which to set out and explore Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and beyond.

Top up your retirement fund by renting your unit while you travel

A huge advantage to owning a Riverbound lot is your ability to earn a passive income while you’re away. Once you’ve decided where your next adventure will take you, publish your Riverbound unit on Airbnb or similar vacation rental site and top up your retirement fund.

When you return to Riverbound, your home and your community will be waiting to welcome you home.

If you’d like to find out more about life at Riverbound, call us on (928) 770-5585, email us at or check out our website:

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