RV Park Investments Beat Out Recession

Did you know that a high-quality RV park is a better financial investment than a shopping center? And even a hotel or a condominium? It is. Notice, however, the description “high quality.” Not just any RV park in a wide spot on the road is a good investment. “Good” meaning inflation proof. Recession proof. And with a high return of investment (ROI).

A high-quality RV park offers resort-like amenities such as dedicated, effective security, modern  hookups, efficient wi-fi, a pool, sports courts, playground, dog park, a variety of storage units with wash stations, bathrooms and showers, café, laundromat. Not to mention a prime location with more activities—on land or water—that can be experienced in a couple of days. Nearby resources for resupply, mechanical repair, and even entertainment, make an RV park even more desirable.

A Rare Investment Value

Surprised? Of the top investment opportunities of 2022, real estate consistently shows up in the top five on financial list after list. And, against all current economic trends, RV sales and camp occupancy have risen 10 to 20%. RV Magazine has studied the ROI for RV parks and reports that returns exceed the ROIs for shopping centers and malls, or even condos. Even when other types of real estate have lower profits, RV parks hold onto or increase to higher levels of ROI.

According to RV Magazine, “high-quality RV parks and resorts are more economically resilient than hotels, shopping malls or condos.”

What is a “high-quality” park?

So what constitutes a “high-quality” RV park? Check out Riverbound Custom Storage and RV Park. This is a high-quality RV park, where you can enjoy a huge variety of adventures or just kick back on the boat and fish. But let’s get more specific.

A high-quality park has more than just dependable Wi-Fi. This park offers resort-like amenities, such as a fitness center or sports courts, a dog park, concierge service with access to repair, and services such as a general store, laundromat, café, and infrastructure such as weather protection, customization, security cameras and secured access. High-quality parks give options for rental or purchase, and capitalize on any unique aspects that fit the region, and hire responsive, knowledgeable staff.

And what you don’t see in high-quality parks—and should confirm before investing—is a reliable history of maintenance of water, electricity, and any upgrades the owners make. If you decide to share your hard-earned money, visit the RV park before making a final decision. Talk to the managers and the RV clients.

Investing in an RV park in the current economy

Gas prices have skyrocketed and RVs are not known for their fuel efficiency, a normal aspect of moving a 30,000 pound vehicle across the U.S.

And yet, RV sales in 2021 have increased by 19% and January to June 2022 by 14%.

The RV industry is also seeing higher rates of RV rentals and second-market sales. Even when the economy tightens, as in 2001, 2008, and 2018, camping-, renting-, and buying-markets do not contract. A KOA survey showed that 57 million people camped in 2021—a prime COVID year—and more are expected next year. RV manufacturers are also seeing substantial increases in sales.

Let’s factor in two plus years of travel restrictions. People are tired of not traveling, both internationally and especially domestically. RVs provide comfort on the road and make it easier to go with the kids and pets. Fuel prices need to be balanced against the costs of lodging, flights, and food. Overall, travel expenses nearly even out against traditional travel expenses. Yet, RV travelers have greater flexibility in destinations, stay-overs, travel time and more.

Where to invest

The common adage for real-estate investment is “location, location, location.” High-quality parks are few and far between, enhancing their investment potential. Riverbound Custom Storage and RV Park is a model high-tech, resort-level investment benchmark in an ideal location. The ultimate in outdoor experience—short of climbing Mt. Everest—often includes an RV and a place to park it. Lake Havasu City, AZ, is a favorite of both snowbirds and outdoors adventurers. With rental and purchase options, customizable storage, the unique man cave option, Riverbound is the leader that others follow.

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