An RVer’s Guide to Volunteering

RV Volunteering Guide

RVers, by their very nature, are adventurous and inquisitive and basically nomadic. As such, they are also generous, friendly, and forward-thinking. And significant numbers of RVers, both those who work from their RVs and those who are retired, use their free time to do volunteer work for any of a great number of organizations. RV life can be greatly enriched by volunteering.

Volunteering is a gateway to meeting like-minded people

More than just using up free time, volunteering is a gateway to meeting like-minded people at the very least. It offers new experiences that can teach you new skills, or share your hard-earned skills with those who might not benefit otherwise. Those who want a boost to their resume will be able to acquire specific skills and practice. Volunteering provides a sense of satisfaction like nothing else, including a full-time job.

RVers who work in the creative arts are equally able to volunteer on the road through online connections. Bloggers, graphic designers, web designers, database administrators, writers, marketers, and others can volunteer from wherever they are.

Finding the right volunteer opportunity

Volunteer opportunities for RVers are so numerous that you may have trouble choosing. Volunteers make a huge contribution to the well-being of troubled families and individuals, institutions struggling to do their best work, children and teenagers in trouble, even during disasters. Retired RVers are especially important with their deep experience in both work and life.

Some RV associations have volunteer organizations that facilitate volunteering, such as Escapees and Good Sam. A number of RV support websites also list volunteering options.

You can find your own options with some Internet research and choose exactly what you want to explore or the skills you want to share for others’ benefits. For example, Habitat for Humanity, building houses all over the U.S. (and world) has the RV Care-A-Vanners program for RVer who volunteer to help them out. Any expenses the RVer incurs may be—probably are—tax deductible, so keep your receipts.

The group A Year to Volunteer is organized specifically for RVers. The idea is that RVers commit to completing one year of volunteer work, but that doesn’t mean one year straight. They count the total days no matter whether it takes you two years or whatever to accumulate 356 days.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department offers a wide range of volunteer work all over the U.S. The National Park Service also has volunteer work all across the U.S.

Volunteering gives RVers the chance to see places from different perspectives. In other words, you’re not a tourist with access to places tourists may not get to go.

Volunteering around Lake Havasu

Staying at Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park gives you a terrific place to kick back and get involved with the interesting community just down the road in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

So let’s look at some places to volunteer while you enjoy the Riverbound amenities.

May we suggest planning a long stay at Riverbound to explore the water sports, outback trails, hiking and biking, and the entertainments of Lake Havasu City in the most comfortable house in the area: your own. With your own man cave to really settle in, you’ll have lots of extra time to find the perfect volunteer opportunities.

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