RVing Is a Dog’s Life …

or a cat’s life. A hamster’s life. Pets are family and having the family together while living on the road in your RV is a joy. Whether you are traveling for a few months or have moved full-time into your motorhome, RVing with your pet is both a comfort and fun. Taking a few extra measures and considerations makes it completely feasible. With the abundance of pet-friendly camping for RVs, your travel options are as unlimited as any other RVer’s.


Some RV parks do not allow pets, but many more do. Restrictions such as no free-roaming pets, no excessive barking, and cleaning up after them make life comfortable for everyone. State and national parks may have no-pet rules or may not allow some breeds of dogs; it varies by park. When making a reservation, ask about pet rules and amenities. Some parks have fenced dog runs for off-leash activity. Cats are better inside unless accustomed to a leash, but even then need to be monitored. The hamster…probably doesn’t care!

On the Way:  Your Pet’s Well-Being

Your pet’s well-being and safety is also yours. Acclimate your pet to the moving RV with short trips before hitting the road big-time. If you are traveling with a puppy or kitten, a few more considerations than for an older pet may be called for. Kittens and puppies are fast and active. Baby gates, strong window screens, and crates provide peace of mind for pets of any age. This is a good time to be sure of their training as well.

When organizing your projected medical needs, first aid kit, and paperwork, do the same for your pet. If you are from a cold, northern region, your pet may run afoul of fleas or ticks in warmer areas. Changes in climate may result in a need for new meds or equipment. A thickly-furred dog can better handle the heat with a child’s wading pool. Cats, not so much. Keeping them groomed—but not shaved—provides insulation.

Using a bed, dishes, and toys from home gives your pet a sense of continuity. Having their own designated place and maintaining a routine—especially for cats—helps. Cats also relax with pheromone diffusers. Microchipping has saved many a pet and is highly recommended.

Technology can also give you a helping hand. A temperature monitor that connects to your phone can reassure you when you are on a pet-less excursion and they are at home. A camera, and even a camera with treats or play settings, can also connect to your phone and are reasonably priced and commonly available.

Maybe your excursion requires more than a few hours away and the resources for pet services for travelers are extensive. The very useful website BringFido is a nationwide source of pet professionals as well as pet-friendly destinations.

Some Dos and Don’ts 

Do walk through your park with your pet after you settle in. You’ll see where other pets might be located and having a chat with other RVers adds a dimension of safety, not to mention friendliness.

  • Don’t let your dog off-leash in unfenced areas.
  • Do travel with vaccination records as they are needed at each park.
  • Don’t allow your dog to bark excessively, especially at night.
  • Do clean up after your pet
  • Don’t allow pets near wildlife, both for your safety and theirs. Eagles and owls have been known to carry off cats or small dogs.
  • Do consider a chain store to supply the same food and treats available at home. You can check on locations and products before heading out or during the trip.
  • Do use clumping cat litter, except for kittens, to simplify cleanup, and litter boxes can be covered (or even placed in a bathroom with a cat door in the door).

Making park reservations in advance can save you a headache. And taking a break with a longer rest at Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park in conveniently located Lake Havasu City, AZ, is great for all living critters in the RV. Even the hamster. Lake Havasu City is the gateway to a myriad of fascinating places in easy driving range. Riverbound includes a dog park, playground, swimming pool and spa, laundromat, café, RV storage, cleanup services, sports courts, and more. Rented by the day, week, or month, or purchased so that you can later rent it out, Riverbound is your second—or third—home! Call us at (928) 770-5585 to explore your options.

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