The Leadership Of The Future

There are tried and true leadership principles that have withstood the test of generations, such as putting the customer first, hiring and developing top talent, and being integral with your words and actions. Still, it’s natural as humans to project our thoughts into the future, wondering what things might look like, and how they might be at some future date. I asked ten entrepreneurs what they think the leadership of the future would look like. Predicting the future is risky business. No Monday morning quarterbacking here. Let’s hear what they have to say.

AI Technology Is The Future

“In the future, AI technology will be the most effective tool utilized by entrepreneurs for leadership development,” says Ryan Blair, founder of AlterCall.

It is no secret that entrepreneurs and businesses are going virtual. Based on Ryan’s tech experience and AlterCall’s latest research, the virtual component specifically impacts the idea of mental health and coaching for entrepreneurs and business owners.

“We know there has to be a better way to help coaches with their clients. What really stood out to us was the ability to use AI in giving real-time feedback on unsurfaced emotional states. This improves outcomes while reducing the time and costs associated with coaching,” says Blair, who has assembled a team of experts like Dr.Esma Benssassi and research leader Idin Goli, who are working to integrate advanced bio-sensors into a multi-modal AI platform.

“We believe emotional states are often invisible. Mental health has been at an all-time low, making it harder and harder for people to lead.”

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