There’s Nothing Like an RV Rally

Whether you are a veteran RVer or new to the RV lifestyle, an RV rally provides… well, just about whatever you need. Rallies are plentiful and widespread and cover all themes, purposes, for every RVer imaginable. Looking for a new RV, or for your first? Check out a rally to help you decide. A rally can rejuvenate your RV life, rekindle your enthusiasm, solve an RV problem, or spice up your social life. Or all of the above.

Why go to an RV rally?

Want to meet other parents and families? Sooo many choices! There are rallies for women’s groups, vintage campers and RVs, veterans, singles, retired, even square dancers! And why go to a rally? Community, new friends, new recipes, new ideas, new experiences. We can’t even list all the fun and benefits of an RV rally. So what do you need to know about rallies? Let’s give you a bit of an introduction.

Where and when do rallies take place ?

First, rallies take place all over the U.S. and Canada and during nearly every month of the year. Rallies are designed to be fun, even while looking for a new RV or new recipes. If you have your travel route planned or are domiciling, the Internet will show you the closest rallies. One note: plan well in advance, as the larger rallies are planned and tickets sold as much as a year in advance. When perusing rally possibilities, check the parking parameters, as some may require RVs to boondock if hookups and other facilities are limited.

How much do rallies cost?

Ticket prices range from free to several hundred dollars, again, often in advance, and sometimes by individuals or by couples. Rallies are often sponsored by RV associations or RV manufacturers or a combination thereof. Rally websites can give you parking options, directions, lists of vendors, and often a map of the rally layout. Planning ahead is facilitated by the substantial range of information on these websites. A number of websites list the scheduled rallies for an entire year. Most rallies take place over a weekend, though some start mid-week, but get really busy later.

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What happens at a rally?

Seminars, workshops, and classes are often scheduled during a rally. Learn about new destinations, RV accessories and equipment, RV upgrades and remodels, RV safety and maintenance, and even new hobbies. Some rallies take place in conjunction with other crowd pleasers. For example, during the Albuquerque Balloon Festival, visit the accompanying RV festival. Or go to Bandera, TX, for the combo RV and motorcycle festival in September. In November, the LA Auto Show hosts an RV rally.

It’s not all education and information. Rallies include games, concerts, barbecues (and their attendant recipes!) to make them prime social get-togethers.

Niche rallies cater to particular interests. The RVing Women association requires a membership and holds rallies all over the U.S. by chapter. Vintage Airstreams and egg campers, fifth-wheels are the center of many rallies. Winnebago and other brands sponsor rallies to promote their products as well as share fun and information. “Rolling” rallies move from place to place as a group, such as the Mid North Coast Caravan Club, which explored historical sites and wineries in their region.

An “RV show,” however, is not the same as a rally. Shows take place all over the U.S. as well, but are sales expositions, sometimes with a few elements of a rally. If you are RV shopping, you may want to take in one of these.

Who sponsors a rally?

Most major RV associations sponsor major rallies—of course! One of the best is the Xscapers Annual Event in Lake Havasu City, AZ, held this year in January. Quartzite, AZ, is the location of the Skooliepalooza, geared toward converted school buses—but not limited to those alone! Situated on BLM land, the rally is free, and not as large as many rallies, allowing a real get-to-know-you opportunity.

Clubs sponsoring rallies include all the biggies, and are linked here:

So plan to take part in the Xscapers Annual Event in Lake Havasu City, AZ, and stay at the Riverbound Custom Storage and RV Park nearby. You will find another community to share—or continue to share—with the Xscapers! No boondocking here. You’ll find sports courts, a pool, a playground and a dog park, and amenities such as a laundry, a café, detail service, and more. You may not need that man cave during the rally but it’s a great place to come “home” to!

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