6 Great RV Gift Ideas

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the RVer in your life. Whether they’re a newbie or an experienced RVer, there is always something in the RV that can be improved, renewed, or upgraded – or can just make RV life that little bit more comfortable.

We’ve put together a list of ideas to suit a range of budgets and tastes. Read on for some holiday gift inspiration!

For Multi-Tasking RVer: LATCH.IT RV Keyless Entry – $250

For someone who is always rushing around, locking the rig can often slip their mind. This lock is the gift for them.

It works in 3 ways: remote keyfob, keypad, and physical key.

The keyfob is battery-operated and works from a good distance, so you can keep it in your pocket and lock your RV as you walk towards or away from it. The keypad on the door is code-operated, so anyone left back a the ranch can still get in and out using a code. The physical key acts as a backup in case the batteries of the fob run out of charge.

The lock is made fully of metal for security and is dust-proof – great for Arizona!

LATCH.IT is usually priced at $250 but this small family-owned business also has sales.

For the Studious RVer: RV Masterclass – prices vary

Every day is a new adventure when you’re RVing. The RV Masterclass is a platform offering a wide selection of RV courses for all levels of experience.

From boondocking, to buying your first RV, from remote working to finance, there’s something here for everyone.

For the Margarita Lover: Stakol Portable Ice Maker – $135.99

If you’re located near a town or at a good RV park, it’s easy enough to buy ice from the store. However, if you are traveling, and especially boondocking, having ice on hand is awesome. Although it takes up a little bit of countertop space, this compact ice maker can churn out enough ice to keep you going for days. Simply put it to work while your generator is switched on, and store the ice in plastic bags in your freezer. Stock up on as much ice as your freezer can hold.

When it comes sundown, you’ll be ready to kick back with a frozen margarita just the way you like it.

For the Military Vet: The Military Living RV, Camping & Getaways Travel Guide – $49.75

This updated 2022 RV, Camping and Cabins Travel Guide has 240 military locations covering Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. As well as listing details about the campgrounds, it also includes all the information about the on-base facilities at your disposal and contact numbers, driving directions, addresses, camping prices, and emails. A great resource for military vets!

For the Curious RVer: Occer Compact Binoculars – $45.89

No curious RVer should be without a good pair of binoculars – and these are a great pair of binoculars for an unbelievable price. Whether it’s birdwatching, hunting, or sightseeing that they enjoy, this gift that any RVer will be happy to have in their rig.

For the Gourmet RVer: Spice Jars

Full-time RVing living is about constantly learning how to organize your life. At times, working out how to best store and access your stuff can feel like being on a game show!

The kitchen is one of the most complicated areas, and if your RVer likes to spice up their cooking, it’s crucial that they can tell their cilantro from their cinnamon! Here are a couple of different solutions that can help them out:

SWOMMOLY 25 Glass Spice Jars and Spice Labels – from $23.99

These spice jars are fantastically popular. The pack consists of 25 airtight plastic jars and an array of pre-printed and blank labels that go on the lid, which is perfect if your RVer stores their spices in a draw: no need to go through each jar individually, they can instantly grab the spice they need and get back to cooking.

Bellemain Spice Gripper Clip Strips – $10.95

These grippers securely bond to any wall or cabinet and hold each individual spice jar so even rarely used spices are easy to find. A set of 3 strips holds 12 jars in total. (We recommend you also buy a great set of spices to go with this gift – especially if you want to be invited to dinner!)

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