How To Turn Your Dream Into A Reality (Hint: It Doesn’t Happen Overnight)

No one likes to hear the phrase “We’re downsizing.” Downsizing can be a great way to get rid of those extra items that keep cluttering up closets, but what if some of your stuff is too sentimental and valuable to truly get rid of? Thankfully, storage centers are available to make the process less painful! With nearly a third of Americans looking for a place to store their extra stuff, many entrepreneurs have turned to the industry to make a profit. One of those entrepreneurs is Ryan Rodney. Rodney recognized the need in our society to have a high-quality storage center and he took it to the next level. Based in Lake Havasu City, his company Riverbound Custom Storage and RV Park hosts an impressive 160 acres of boat storage, RV campsites, and other amenities that have turned the idea of storage into a unique community for travelers and recreation lovers alike.

 Hard Work From The Start

From a young age, Ryan knew that in order to make something of his life, he was going to have to work hard. He started out working for a golf club manufacturer in California, but after some time he knew that he wanted to be his own boss and blaze his own trail in the entrepreneurial world . He found a large plot of land (about 160 acres) off of Highway 95, and there he envisioned his storage center. The idea of owning a storage center and RV park in the same location weren’t initially in his plans, but he knew he wanted to stand out and be different and combining the two industries was just the way he wanted to do it.

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