Where to Have a Blast in Arizona, Part 1

Being known as “The Grand Canyon State” is a bit of a misnomer. Arizona is so much more than the home of the incredible Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. This post cannot truly capture the variety and beauty and history of Arizona available to RVers. Perhaps, a better nickname would be the “Has It All State.” Well, except for an ocean—though Lake Powell might almost fill that bill.

The best we can do is inspire you to do your own investigation of how to spend your time in Arizona and how many days or trips there you can take. How you are going to narrow down your destinations to a reasonable few will be a challenge. But that’s just how RV life goes! So let’s get your list started.

Grand Canyon—North Rim

Leaving Lake Havasu City, our reference starting point, the North Rim is the most visited access to the Grand Canyon. Take I-40 East about 4 hours to the Grand Canyon National Park where camping and dining are available. The South Rim also offers camping, lodging, and a variety of activities. You won’t be just standing on an overlook looking—unless that is all you want. Rafting and hiking are the most popular diversions, and both will take a lot more than just looking!

Grand Canyon West

Grand Canyon West often loses out to the more famous North Rim, but provides a very different experience. Head your RV up through Kingman, driving northwest for about 2 hours to Peach Springs gives you entrance to Grand Canyon West and the Hualapi Indian Reservation. Here are river rafting opportunities and the storied Skywalk, extending 70 feet beyond the canyon edge for a view of 4,000 feet above the Colorado River. The glassed floor could support the weight of 70 loaded 747 jets, but leave your plane at home and bring your camera. Or zip down a zip line or learn about the fascinating life and history of a rarely noticed indigenous Americans who know the Grand Canyon like no other people.

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Grand Canyon West


Let’s go east around 3.5 hours from Lake Havasu City on I-40 E, to Flagstaff and Sedona through Ash Fork. Play in tall, fragrant pines with a true mountain landscape instead of red sandstone cliffs. This will take some time. If you are a gamer, check out The Geekery while the beer-lovers can investigate the brewpubs. Or head to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park or the spectacular, unique Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, which is actually closer to Page, AZ, but still accessible. Hike, bike, or climb. But some might prefer the summer Shakespeare Festival. Give yourself plenty of time here.

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Flagstaff Things to Do


Sedona, almost four hours from Lake Havasu City, has become famous for its spas and stunning red rock cliffs. Use I-40 East. Sedona has a healthy reputation as a center for meditation and spiritual retreats. It is also a city of resorts, with a thriving nightlife, golf, and jeeping or ATVs, balloon flights, dinner theater, wineries, all in a stunning, not-to-be-believed setting. Don’t get too distracted; there is still a lot more of Arizona to see and do.

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Visit Sedona


Going north again, head for Page and plan to be in your RV for at least five to six hours from Lake Havasu City. Unless you stop to be amazed at the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. You are back in high desert again, and nearby Antelope Canyon is where all those calendar pictures were taken of swooping sandstone formations that look like they have been poured as liquid instead of carved by the wind. Page is on Lake Powell, a huge reservoir that brings water blue to soaring red sandstone. It is a planned community originally built for workers building the Glen Canyon dam. Now it is a resort-oriented area with an emphasis on water sports.

Page is only the tip of the tremendous length of Lake Powell, which extends north into Utah. Hike—or drive—out to the Glen Canyon Dam and take a tour. If on foot or bike, don’t forget to take desert-activity precautions with plenty of water and sun protection. Once here, you have an entirely new set of adventures to explore.

Riverbound Custom Storage and RV Park is a tremendous home base to give you a break between adventures. Seeing the best of Arizona can be done in drives of reasonable lengths, giving you the chance to luxuriate in a home-away-from-home at Riverbound, complete with a pool, general store, sports courts, a playground, and dog park. Best of all, the VIP concierge service can take care of all the between-trip cleanups and services. What better way to recharge before the next great Arizona experience?

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