Riverbound Premier Custom Storage and RV Park Celebrates Grand Opening

Project Developer Ryan Rodney and project investors gather to cut the red ribbon and raise their hands in front of the Riverbound store.

Riverbound, the premier Custom Storage and RV Park in the western United States celebrated its Grand Opening on March 13th, 2021. 370 guests joined the celebrations, enjoying catering, speeches and tours of the magnificent facilities that mark a new era in RV Parks and luxury storage.

In this blog post, Riverbound’s owner, Ryan Rodney, shares the journey of how his groundbreaking vision became an extraordinary reality.

“It’s official! Riverbound Custom Storage is open for business. As I cut the ribbon on Saturday 13th March and declared Riverbound officially open, I found myself surrounded by 370 guests made up of beloved friends and family, my fantastic team, and cherished members of the Lake Havasu community. It was a moment I will never forget, and in which, I could not have felt any prouder or more humbled.

It has been a tremendous journey to get to this incredible milestone. 

It started way back when, as a kid growing up in Parker, I fell in love with the beauty of the environment, the freedom to go out and explore, and the sense of community – and of course, the irresistible draw of Lake Havasu.

As I grew older, I knew I wanted to give something extraordinary back to the area that encapsulated those memories. In 2017, after much brainstorming and collaboration, the vision for Riverbound was set; a luxury custom storage facility and RV Smart Park with state-of-the-art amenities that made it a “home-away-from-home,” that you would never want to leave.

Thanks to our partners, the project quickly got rolling and in November 2018, we broke ground and started the hard work of transforming that vision into the reality we see today – a revolution in indoor and outdoor storage and one of the first RV Smart Parks in the United States. 

At the core of the Smart Park concept are three principles that have guided us throughout Riverbound’s development: accessibility, quality, and community.


Riverbound is just 7 miles north of Lake Havasu City and is surrounded by BLM land. Nearby trails mean the desert is on your doorstep, and the water a short drive away. This means that every day at Riverbound can be a glorious day in the Great Outdoors.


Each of Riverbound’s 250 lots houses indoor and outdoor storage units built from the highest-grade materials for security and durability. The outdoor lean-tos are built, not only to accommodate the largest motorhomes, but also to make life easy and worry-free; each one being equipped with water and sewage runoff, utility pedestal hook-up, security alarm, and Wi-Fi router; high-speed internet is provided by our dedicated Wi-Fi tower.

Each lot also comes with a fully customizable 20’ x 50’ man cave. Whether your passion is for boats, RVs, or ATVs, your man cave is yours to put your own unique stamp on. If you want it as a workshop, we can provide workbenches and tool chests; if you love watching football, we can help you create your very own sport’s bar (a guaranteed way of making friends with the neighbors)!


One of the most attractive aspects of RV-living is joining a unique, outdoor-loving community. Riverbound embraces this community and, furthermore, nurtures it by equipping the park with facilities that bring residents and guests together. These include a swimming pool and spa, tennis and basketball courts, golf driving range, and kids’ park. As we welcome more people, the more this special community spirit thrives.

Community is ultimately at the heart of Riverbound, and at no time has that been more obvious to me than on Grand Opening day. I was truly humbled that so many members of the Lake Havasu Community joined us in our celebrations. I cannot thank enough Lake Havasu City Mayor, Cal Sheey, and the veterans of Lake Havasu Marine Corps League for honoring us with their presence. I’d also like the thank our wonderful catering partners, Mudshark Brewery, La Dolce Vita Italian Bistro, and Wild Coffee for delighting us all with such great food and beverages.

Riverbound would never have become a reality without the support of our partners Pioneer Earthmovers, Campbell Redi-Mix, ABCO Builders, The Dustin Runyon Team, Tell Me Your Goal Inc., WireFree Communications, Tri-Suns Engineering, APL Survey, Goldbloom Wealth Management, Mudshark Brewery, and my incredible Riverbound QOF Management team and the daily staff at the facility who have all been beside me every step of the way. Finally, my thanks go to my wonderful family and to God, without whom none of this would be possible.

There’s nothing else left to say apart from, Riverbound is now fully ready to be explored and we can’t wait to show you around.”


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