5 Fantastic Design Ideas for Turning Your Man Cave Dreams into a Reality

Riverbound Custom Storage and RV Smart Park makes dreams come true by offering spacious, fully customizable man caves. Customers select premier features and furnishings to convert the luxury storage units into highly personalized spaces that cater to all their storage, relaxation and lifestyle needs.

Hear the words “man cave” and images spring to mind of luxury condos adorned with leather couches, huge flat-screen TVs and wine racks that reach to the rafters. To an RVer, the idea couldn’t be further removed from their usual reality which is, at best, having access to a basic, secure storage unit in which to store toys and vehicles and carry out simple maintenance and cleaning tasks.

But when Riverbound set out to revolutionize the custom storage industry, this is one of the areas they homed in on. Why settle for a basic storage unit when you can have a breathtaking, fully-customized man cave?

Man Caves: Built to Be Used and Built to Last 

The shell of Riverbound’s man caves is impressive in itself; a 20’x50’ steel structure, erected on a 5’-3,000 PSI concrete pad, fully enclosed with a 6” (R-19) vinyl reinforced back and fiberglass insulation and contrasted with a 16’x14’ insulated steel overhead door with an electric drawbar operator.

Moving from exterior to the vast interior, endless customization possibilities really make the concept groundbreaking, leaving only one question hanging in the air: “How would you customize yours?” In this blog post, we showcase just a handful of ideas for turning your man cave dreams into reality.

5 Design Ideas for your Perfect Man Cave

  1. Create Your Ideal Office Space

    Skyrocketing RV sales are partly propelled by advances in technology and changes in work culture that make it easier than ever to work while on the road. Some RV manufacturers are responding to this trend by incorporating office design features into their vehicles.

    While that’s great, wouldn’t it be even better to have your own dedicated, roomy workspace? Riverbound do not only provide the space but also the office set up (tables, benches, and monitors), and critically, reliable high-speed internet via the park’s dedicated Wi-Fi tower to keep you online and to your deadlines.
  2. Run Your Own Sport’s Bar
    Ever dream of having your own bar? Riverbound can furnish your man cave with a full bar set-up, including pub-style table sets, flats-creen TVs, beer refrigerators and, even dartboards. You won’t be the only person who loves this set-up – it’s sure to be a friend-magnet among the community!
  3. Professional-Quality Workshop
    For some, their dream is to have a comfortable, spacious unit in which to get down to work on their vehicles or toys. For this, a car lift is the perfect addition, as well as workbenches and tool chests. All man caves are big enough to accommodate full-sized motorhomes, which means owners of smaller vehicles also have the option of combining a workspace with a relaxation or recreational area.
  4. Cool Down in the Chill-Out Zone
    Want to give your man cave a “she shack” feel? A great way to achieve this is by creating a tasteful chill-out zone where you can cool down after a long, hot day on the trails. Imagine hitting climate control, grabbing a glass of something chilled from the wine fridge, and unwinding on the low back couch. Ah! Bliss!
  5. Create a Space for Family Time
    Gaming and Netflix are not off the menu at Riverbound, thanks to reliable, high-speed internet. You can even enjoy both on large flat-screen TVs for a home cinema feel. How you design the rest of the family space is up to you; you could choose to have a formal dining room table and chairs, or perhaps a foosball table to keep the fun of outdoors going indoors. The choice is entirely yours.

Riverbound is all about providing customers with the freedom to enjoy their own lifestyle to highest possible standard, and a personalized man cave is the ultimate reflection of that. For more inspiration, explore our website or contact us directly info@riverboundcustomstorage.com



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