Upgrade your Best RV Life

You are ready to go! Gas tank full, everything packed and secured, the family in their seatbelts. You’ve planned the itinerary, GPS at the ready. Off you go. First night out, a campground in the pines, stars blasting the night sky, dinner on the stove, Rover’s cozy in his bed, and, well, Rover lets you know it’s time to answer the call of nature. Oh, and you need to find a couple of things in the storage compartment. Where’s the flashlight?

A headlamp would be useful about now. Hands-free for the leash, easier to sort stuff in the dark. Hmm. What else might make life on the road easier?

With more and more people taking to RV life and travel, technology has risen to meet the challenge. The list is growing so, check out what is available and then keep a list so you’ll know what’s best for you.

Experienced RVers learn about these gadgets from other RVers or surf the net. Accessories can enhance safety and convenience as well as being just plain fun.

Safety and Comfort Extras

  • That headlamp will help you for night set-ups or if the power fails or for Rover’s after-dark call of nature.
  • A portable air compressor will take care of the low tire or blowing up the kid’s floaty raft or an air mattress.
  • A small dehumidifier is great after a session cooking, showering, or letting in Rover after a walk in the rain. Using one reduces mold, even on your food.
  • Don’t laugh: a quick disintegrating toilet paper designed for RVs does make life simpler.
  • In addition to the RV-installed fire extinguisher, having a second extinguisher close at hand is advisable. Like mobile homes, RVs burn fast and hot.
  • Water filters may or may not be factory installed in your RV, but don’t wait to find out until you turn on the water in a campground and get what looks like mud. It’s bad for you and for your RV. Water filters come in all types, from basic to complicated (i.e., costly) but many RVers swear by them. This purchase needs a bit of education before pulling out the credit card.
  • Fresh-water hose. If your water hook-up is not close, this hose—typically white colored to distinguish its purpose—will save you some frustration.
  • Power adapter and surge protector. Keeps your appliances and you safe from uneven, unpredictable power wherever you plug in. Sometimes it’s called a “dogbone.” No, don’t share it with Rover.
  • Water pressure regulator. Like a surge protector for the water system. RVers consider this a “must have,” and a good one is lead-free.
  • RV life is usually more outdoors than in. Cooking outdoors is often more comfortable than inside. A portable grill will get a lot of use. And a cast iron pan is versatile and durable for the stovetop, in the oven, on the campfire. (Just remember to season it and avoid soap to acquire a Teflon-like surface.)

The Fun Stuff

  • How about a portable gazebo? These are also called a screen tent, and are deceptively small when folded. With a net to stop mosquitoes and other flying no-see-ums from sharing your dinner or making dinner of you, these critters can really pay off in certain places. They have a water-resistent roof and come in a variety of sizes.
  • A propane fire pit: no, this one isn’t necessarily for cooking. Well, s’mores, sure. When you long for a campfire and the campground or the forest service says NO!, this baby will take up the slack. It’s also a people magnet: invite some of the other campers to join you.
  • Cell phone booster and/or Starlink. The new Starlink system uses satellites to provide a high-speed signal no matter where you are. It can be paid for in a monthly subscription ($85) or with a one-time hardware purchase (close to $400), and is not designed for use when the RV is on the road, but it will cover you where other service plans cannot.
  • There’s also a whole raft of other gadgets RVers just can’t live without.

At Riverbound, you can strike high-speed internet off your list of worries thanks to our dedicated wi-fi tower. We also take care of many more of your needs, providing amenities including convenience store, on-site propane, fitness areas and even a VIP concierge service. When you stay at Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park, you’re already upgrading to the only Smart RV Park in the Western USA. To find out more, contact us today on 928-770-5585

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