What to Look for in a Long-Term RV Park

So you’ve decided to take a break. Or maybe you’ve scored a long-term gig and need to park that RV in one place for awhile. Alternatively, you’re moving out of that brick-and-mortar home that is permanently anchored to the ground. To find the best long-term RV park for your RV life, we have gathered a few initial guidelines.

What do YOU want?

First and foremost, “Know thyself!” Sorry, but that is the most useful phrase for where to start. What do you prefer: a place where the kids have a great school and a playground? A place where your dog is welcome? A great community of friendly people? A place with the kind of weather you love and lots of recreational options nearby?

If you are settling long-term for that freelance gig, you may have more limitations in location, but those will be offset by many other factors that work to your favor. Your list of “must haves” will undoubtedly change accordingly.

Once you figure out what you’re looking for, you can start the search for that perfect RV park. We’re giving you a basic list of major considerations to start with, whatever your purpose or intent.


Rates for long-term RV rental vary by the type of park, its standard practices for such parking, amenities, and, of course, the park’s location. Another factor that may come into play is whether you decide to domicile in a state other than your starting location.

Long-term rates range from $400 to $1,500, and may or may not include the cost of utilities, mail delivery, amenities, deposits (including for pets), an application fee, or even whether you pay in cash or credit card. Some parks offer seasonal or annual rates, or special discounts for seniors.

After looking up your prospective parks’ websites, confirm the information you saw with a phone call and references from other residents. Keep in mind that publicized reviews on a site controlled by the park may be different from those on user-generated sites. Using an independent source for reviews—on travel sites or Facebook—could provide more honest reviews.

Consider also that insurance rates and registration or license fees can change according to which state you choose.

Type of Park

Are you headed for the woods with a lot of recreational opportunities nearby? Or do you prefer an urban location near great restaurants, museums, wineries and breweries, and shopping? City locations may be more expensive. More rustic parks, for example, may not have the kinds of hookup options to handle larger RVs.

Or would a resort park be more up your alley? Your expenses will increase somewhat, of course, and there is even the possibility of HOA (Homeowners Association) fees. In addition to having a prime location—perhaps close to a ski area, beach, or entertainment center—resort or luxury RV parks come chock full of exciting amenities: spas, pool, sports courts, gyms, dog parks and playgrounds, laundromats and cafes. Some will limit the size of the RV, some will have detailing or repair services.

Many parks offer special areas for long-term residents, and choosing a family site will give children more room for fun and other children to meet. Adult-only sections allow single residents options that suit their preferences, especially if they are working from home—er, RV.


All the factors you would look at when buying a brick-and-mortar home may come into play when selecting a long-term location for your RV. What kind of weather do you prefer? What recreational activities do you want to be close to? How far away is the nearest supermarket? If you have children, check out schools or athletic opportunities whether you are roadschooling or not. With pets, you may run into specific park requirements or deposits, but pets have been accommodated well in recent years.

Weather and temperatures are a consideration also for the maintenance of your RV. For example, a desert climate can take a different toll on maintenance than a mountain climate.

Do you plan to domicile? Or stay a few months and move on?

These are the most prominent considerations to look at. We could go on, but we can’t predict what will matter most to each RVer. We can say, however, you will find it all at Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park! Looking for great amenities near impressive recreational opportunities on water or land? Long-term or longer-term? Outdoorsy or urban? Check “all of the above” for Riverbound!

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